Acting and Being, acting and meditation with Parlan McGaw, Rae C Wright, and Jean-Claude van Itallie.

Workshop Description
A four-day, three-night body/mind workshop exploring meditation and performance. Within the secluded beauty of Shantigar, we’ll build community, open to ourselves and to nature. Meditation cultivates mental focus and awareness of the world as it is, while acting training is training in being human, reminding us to be spontaneously expressive.
Open to all -- performer, meditator, and anyone wanting to explore new horizons.

Jean-Claude van Itallie

Parlan McGaw,

Rae C  Wright

(Below) Acting and Being workshop, Bastille Day, 2012 -- photos by P. Meyer and P. Columbus

Participant Feedback for Acting and Being Workshops (click on a photo)

Feedback, Acting and Being Workshop, July, 2012

I particularly enjoyed:
     "I particularly enjoyed everything.  It was an inspired time. I have been to many workshops -- this was a truly healing, meditative, artistic feast.  In a world that texts and emails, yet stays alone, may we find space at Shantigar to breathe, laugh, and run."

    "I particularly enjoyed
transitions from meditation into acting games and into silence -- cultivating space sans words, giving potency to gesture, movement and authentic being."

    "I particularly enjoyed the food, the space, the air, the people, acting with Rae, meditating with Parlan, being with Jean-Claude -- the silence, and singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning."

     "I particularly enjoyed the beautiful balance of activities, the heart-full, experiential learning.  Thank you and God bless."

      "I particularly enjoyed
the excellent interaction with other participants, and with teachers."

      "I particularly enjoyed moving, meditating, and acting -- and meeting such wonderful people."

"I just got back.  The world should know. I"m not the same.

A week ago I attended a 5 day retreat/workshop titled "Acting and Being".  Really, I'm not too into the whole meditation hoopla -- i just thought getting away would be a good thing to do for my birthday.

Well well well.... I ordered a lamb shank and received a whole herd!   This place is truly magical.

Hidden away in the forests,with rolling hills,and  mysterious ponds, on top of the world resides Jean Claude van Itallie.

I met Jean Claude when he was putting fresh flowers into the workshop tent.   He was wearing a captain's hat, speedos, and bright yellow crocs.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are not in Manhattan anymore.

Anyway, we camped, but Shantigar does offer some housing for a reasonable rate in Jean-Claude's AMAZING house. At the Shantigar shed we were fed 3 delicious organic meals a day by the sweetest ladies who run an Inn down the road   We studied, meditated, and experimented all day long.  We had a few hours rest in between which I personally spent swimming in a gorgeous lake.

Oh ... wait.. and our instructors aside from Jean Claude, were Rae C. Wright and Parlan McGaw who were knowledgeable, full of energy, and kept us on our toes.

There is info on the webiste about upcoming workshops and retreats.
Treat yourself, get away from the concrete jungle.  This isn't just for actors or meditators.  Most people there just needed some time to heal.

" Helen Nesteruk