Writing on Your Feet, a writer’s retreat with Jean-Claude van Itallie.

Workshop Description
Really good writing comes from the gut. Learn a master playwright's unique physical way of writing. Speaking from your emotional center, a muscular, personal language will emerge spontaneously.

A writing partner will record your words, read them back. Language created this way is visceral, alive on the page. Gently guided by Jean-Claude, encouraged by fellow participants, taking your time, moving, you'll easily enter remembered and imagined places, give voice to your senses, be a conduit.

Come if you’re experienced, inexperienced, writer, performer, neither, have writer’s block, want to write a play, solo piece, story, novel, dance, poem – or to deepen your ability to speak from the heart.

“I take Jean-Claude’s workshops because they’re fun.” Kathy Benners

“Jean-Claude is the only play writing teacher I ever had.” – Tony Kushner   

Writers Retreat, August, 2012 with Nandi, Shiva's bull who brings music

Jean-Claude van Itallie, playwright and Shantigar's founder/artistic director, teaches Healing Power of Theater and Writing on Your Feet, a writer's retreat.

Jean-Claude van Itallie, Shantigar’s founder/artistic director was central to the explosive American theater of the 60's.

Author of "Playwright’s Workbook," his over 30 works include acclaimed anti-Viet Nam war play" America Hurrah"; "The Serpent" (ensemble piece with Open Theater); "Tibetan Book of the Dead," translations of Chekhov’s major plays; "Light;" and his 2012 one-man show, "Confessions and Conversation," performed in NYC at La MaMa.

He's currently completing his book, "Galaxy of Living Alone, the art of delightful living with cool games to play." www.vanitallie.com

"Jean-Claude's Writing on Your Feet" workshop at Shantigar -- June, 2013

Participant Feedback for Writing on Your Feet Writers Retreat 2012

I particularly enjoyed:

"The rhythmic pace of the workshop timing -- structure without regimentation."

"Everything. The walk to the pond. The participants.  The leader. Writing on my Feet."

"The house, the food, the kind Shantigar people. Jean-Claude is a master who knows just how to lead each person to his/her highest creativity."

"How kind everyone was. In a short time I felt at home."

Participant Feedback for Writing on Your Feet Workshop 2010 and 2011

“...I came away from my first Shantigar experience with Jean-Claude with tools to be a better speaker and methods for resolving some of my mental blocks. I came to learn to be a better writer, and left discovering a hidden part of me...” John Adams

"I particularly enjoyed:  the workshops, the food, Jean-Claude, and a good use of free time." 

"I particularly enjoyed:  the walking meditation on the Zen path through the woods, the movement work, and the dream sharing.  This was magical, powerful, and the only thing I want is more.  I'll be back."

"I particularly enjoyed:  everything!  Of course, the work most of all, but also the serenity of the place.  The food was excellent.  The group was wonderfully cohesive, helpful, and talented."

"I particularly enjoyed: the food, the making of theater, the nature, and the feeling of community."

"I particularly enjoyed: the supportive, trusting, exploratory environment.  The land itself and the meditation walk were inspiring.  I liked the introductory guided moving meditation with "touch" and "eye contact" with strangers.  I loved having spare time, and the support to create and explore. Wonder-full. Thrilling. Challenging. Growing, Freeing.  Thank you."

"I particularly enjoyed:  trusting the the way I inhabit my body throughout the exercises.  Blessings and gratitude."

"I particularly enjoyed: every bit!  It was perfect."

"I particularly enjoyed:  the warmth, the friendship, and the hospitality.  Long Live Shantigar!"

"The feeling of fellowship, peace, nature, and all the exercises in the workshop."

"Beauty of natural surroundings, community, gentle but decisive guidance, creative risk taking (not knowing what comes next), the physicality of the work.""

"Dancing. The atmosphere of acceptance, freedom."

> "Jean-Claude's teaching, his comments shared with such generosity. Group spirit. Meditation walk in woods. Beauty of the environment inside and out."

"As I worked, step by step directed by Jean-Claude to allow that which was within to come forth."

" Everything! Working with my dream, with my memory of a moment from childhood. I am happy."

"Hearing Jean-Claude's feedback to others. Watching and listening to others perform."

"My own body."

"The spirit of the workshop."

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