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building our power

A training in mindful activism for community organizing
Deb Katz, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Michael Beer
July 27 - 29
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Mindful grounding in a beautiful natural setting helps us reconnect with our own deepest selves as the basis for radical social change. Mindfully we will explore ways of movement building through civics, strategy, and targets.

Experienced teachers will offer powerful approaches for individual discovery and as well as practical ways to confront today's biggest social challenges. Participants will return home inspired and better prepared in a practical way to take action in their own communities.

Workshop starts promptly at 3:00 PM on Friday, July 27 and ends at
1:00 PM on Sunday July 29. 

$333 for weekend.

Organic meals included.

Some onsite lodging available, and free tenting.

Work-study scholarships available.

Please apply by downloading and filling out the form below, copying and pasting it into an email to:

Building our PowerDeb Katz

Deb Katz is the Executive Director and one of the founding members of Citizens Awareness Network (CAN). She is a grandmother, social worker and community organizer. She was instrumental in designing the community health study with the MA Department of Health. She organized Tours and Campaigns, three Action Camps with Nuclear Information and Resource Service to train organizers to advocate in their communities and participated in nuclear waste tours to educate communities to the environmental justice issues inherent in disposal of nuclear waste. In 2000, she won the Giraffe Award for sticking her neck out to protect Northeast reactor communities.

Syrus Marcus Ware is a Vanier Scholar, a visual artist, community activist, researcher, youth-advocate and educator. For 12 years, he was the Coordinator of the Art Gallery of Ontario Youth Program. Syrus is currently a facilitator/designer for the Cultural Leaders Lab (Toronto Arts Council & The Banff Centre). He is the inaugural artist-in-residence for Daniels Spectrum (2016/2017). Syrus is also a core-team member of Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Michael Beer has been the Executive Director of Nonviolence International since 1998. Michael is a global activist for human rights, minority rights and against war and casino capitalism. He has trained activists in many countries, including Burma, Kosovo, Tibet, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, USA and Zimbabwe. He is a frequent public speaker on nonviolence and has been broadcast on CSPAN, CNN, and other major media. Michael is active in the Quaker meeting and the co-parent of two children along with his life partner, Latanja.

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