starts first day of spring – March 21, 2017


Science agrees that MEDITATION improves mental health and boosts creativity. At Shantigar we also believe it’s the foundation for achieving social clear sightedness, and transforming our planet. Whether you're an experienced meditator or a first-timer, Shantigar's 49-day challenge will benefit your meditation practice.


In our darkening world, start building your house on a foundation of meditation, and learn how to apply your practice to social action. Each week we’ll include a new MEDITATION IN ACTION game from Jean-Claude van Itallie's Tea with Demons. Meditation in Action games are simple mind exercises grounded in awareness, like sitting meditation, which also interact with the world.

  • Coaches: Jean-Claude van Itallie, Michael Schreiber and Josh Adler.

  • Conference Calls with Coaches once a week.

  • Insight Emails three times a week.

  • A new Meditation in Action game each week.

  • As you practice, share your thoughts and feelings with fellow challenge participants on Facebook with Shantigar’s Meditation in Action community.

  • Suggested Donation: $99 for 49 Days of Guidance.

  • Commit to playing powerful meditation practices.

  • Great coaches will inspire and support you.

  • Unleash your unique creativity and social actions through Meditation in Action games.

  • Join a lively community that supports you.

  • Participate online from anywhere.

Shantigar’s 49 Day Meditation Challenge is designed to put spring (!) in your creative and social action steps by combining an effective sitting practice with meditation games, inspired guidance, and a supportive community.


The goal is simple: Starting March 21st, 2017 you're committing to practicing basic sitting meditation for at least 10 minutes every day for 49 days.


We're sure of four things:

1) You'll feel more confident about how to practice meditation.

2) You'll start to feel the benefits that a regular meditation practice can offer.

3) You’ll learn new ways to apply your practice to your life and to effect change.

4) You'll have a community to find encouragement and share what's challenging to you.

Here's how the Challenge works:

Shantigar’s 49 Day Meditation Challenge is built around seven weekly phone conferences led by Shantigar master teacher Jean-Claude van Itallie and Shantigar coaches Josh Adler and Michael Schreiber. The first phone conference will begin at 8pm (Eastern DST) on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – first day of spring!  We’ll have phone conferences too the next six Tuesdays at 8:00 PM. If you miss a conference, a recording will be available.


During the 49 days of the Challenge, you'll receive three insight emails a week to help you consider the many benefits of regular Meditation in Action practices. Each insight email is designed to inspire you to continue practicing.


During the Challenge you can share your experiences and questions, and connect with fellow practitioners in our private Shantigar Challenge Facebook group – also a great way to stay in touch with the Shantigar community and find inspiration to keep your practices going after the Challenge ends. If you're not on Facebook, email insights, comments, and questions you want shared to Josh[at]Shantigar[dot]org.