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Picture by Michael Stuart


Dear Shantigar Friends,


    Thanks to you, Shantigar welcomed more than 100 participants to our 2017 summer season. People were strengthened and rejuvenated by creating, moving and meditating in our wondrous Octagon, which your generous support helped build, and in Shantigar’s gorgeous fields and woods. We added a fall Mushroom Hunt which was especially popular.


    In 2017 we increased our presence on line with a new Facebook Group: Clearing the Path, with 200 members and growing—a Shantigar community in robust dialogue with our own coaches.


    In January, 2018 we launched our second year of three 21-Day Meditation Challenges which in 2017 encouraged more than a 150 in their practice—with conference calls, daily inspirational emails, and check-ins on Clearing the Path.


    Words arising from a deeply felt silence can move people and effect change, so this winter I’m bringing Shantigar to New York City with a new workshop—Language and Silence.


    Shantigar’s  approach is unique. It combines meditation and performance practices, offering practical ways to stay in touch with your deepest self so as to act spontaneously and effectively in the world.


    At this crucial time when many of us feel profoundly disrupted by macro events, at Shantigar we feel an urgent need to offer our workshops to more people. But as we started outreach, we realized that many of those who could benefit from Shantigar workshops can’t afford them.


    We need your help to expand our scholarship offerings, to make Shantigar workshops available to students—to passionate, committed developing artists and teachers.


    Help us reach out to schools, colleges and other organizations to offer scholarships to any of these weekend workshops:


•    Acting and Being—meditation and theater practices to deepen and enrich

      performance in the arts, daily living and the world.


•    Moving Body—a yoga for our time, focusing on the spontaneously moving

     body as fountain of creative action.


•    Building Our Power—developing an effective toolkit to organize your

     community toward positive peaceful change.

$12,450 is our goal. Help us provide scholarships for 30 students.
$333 will support one student at a weekend workshop, including meals.
$50 or $100 will provide transportation for one student from near or far.



Any and all gifts will help us reach our goal of $12,450, providing scholarships for 30 students.

  • A contribution of $333 will support one student at a weekend workshop, including meals.


  • $50 or $100 will provide transportation for a local student or for one outside our area.

         Help us expand Shantigar's vital work in the coming year. We look forward to sharing with you pictures of our 2018 workshops, plus participants' own accounts of their Shantigar experience.


         Holding hands in solidarity,


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You can contribute via credit card by clicking on the Donate button above, or by

sending a check to: Shantigar Foundation, 63 Davenport Rd, Rowe, MA 01367.

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