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Shantigar's meadow at dawn, photo by Exertion Gold Sun

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Dear Friends of Shantigar,

     I want to give you a Shantigar update. We had a successful summer 2018. Over 150 people participated in our workshops.
     Thanks to your generosity, we hosted 17 people on scholarship, taking workshops like Acting and Being and Moving Body. Scholarship recipients included young urban-dwellers who could not otherwise afford Shantigar workshops. They came to our remote beautiful farm and were inspired by the work, nature, and by what they discovered about themselves.

                         I particularly enjoyed:

Jean-Claude's talks. Am grateful for the scholarship.

The movement exercises—being present in my body.

The Theater Meditation Games.
The movement work and forest meditation walk.

The focus on small moments.
Being able to clear my head and stay with my feelings.

Being in nature and in the beautiful Octagon.
The natural beauty everywhere.
The deep teachings, and the spaciousness of the work.
My fellow participants, the land, the energy.
I feel freer, more positive and aware of myself and others.

     We continued our artist-in-residence program.

The play I worked on while in residence at Shantigar was runner-up at Play Writers' Center, Minneapolis, and had a wonderful workshop production at Southern Illinois University. Dialogue between me, actors and audience —inspired by conversations with you, Jean-Claude—was fruitful and engaging. Shantigar's contributions to my writing process and my life were instrumental.

—David Dudley, playwright

            In addition, thanks to your support, we created an internship program. Last winter under the leadership of Michael Schreiber, four film students from LaGuardia College in Queens lived at Shantigar for 10 days. Their time included meditation instruction, a workshop with me, editing Shantigar film projects, a whiff of nature and a taste of Shantigar's general outlook. Their enthusiasm for Shantigar is heartening. We must be doing something right.

four interns with farmhouse in backgroun
Michael, me, David and the interns in th

Shantigar has taught me the importance of slowing down. I will take that back home with me to NYC.

—Nicholas Goldman

Shantigar is an experience I didn’t know I needed but I did. It helped me professionally, emotionally and creatively. I felt I was discovering myself. I’ve brought that feeling back with me to NYC. I felt inspired during my time there, thankful to be surrounded by incredible artists. I would love to visit Shantigar again.

—Kristina Graham

Thank you for changing my life for the better. The most valuable thing I

learned is that I must connect with my feelings.

—Sebastian Sepulveda

I got time to reflect in the early morning before the sun started bouncing off the snow. The workshop with Jean-Claude was amazing. I learned how a person can see themselves in others. Unbuntu is an Nguni Bantu phrase meaning “I am you and you are me.” Unbuntu!

—Matthew Wilson

    We've just received great news.

LaGuardia College has awarded a $7,300 grant to Shantigar to expand our intern program. In June 2019, we’ll transport and host ten students, two faculty and one chaperone. But beyond the grant, Shantigar will need to purchase new tents and cover expenses for infrastructure and administrative staff.

    Now we need your kind support.

    Our fundraising goal of $12,450 will fund 30 scholarships for workshops.
    $330 will support one student at a weekend workshop, including meals.
    $50 or $110 will provide transportation for one student from near or far.

    As the above testimonies show, Shantigar is reaching new groups of students, artists, teachers, and activists. By combining meditation and performance practices, we offer ways to be in touch with one’s deepest self so as to act spontaneously and effectively in the world.

    Please give anything you can to help us expand Shantigar's vital work.

    In friendship and sharing goals for our world,


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You can contribute via credit card by clicking on the Donate button above, or by

sending a check to: Shantigar Foundation, 63 Davenport Rd, Rowe, MA 01367.

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