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mindfulness in action

The Alexander Technique
Nanette Walsh and Ariel Carson
July 28 - 30th

Workshop starts promptly at 3:00 PM on Friday, July 28 and ends at
1:00 PM on Sunday July 30. 

$522 for weekend, $470 if you register before July 17.

Organic meals included.

Some onsite lodging available, and free tenting.

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In stillness, there is movement, and in movement—stillness.
      Our thoughts, feelings and intentions play essential roles in the ongoing dynamics of upright support upon which every breath and movement depend. Action is born of intention.
    The Alexander Technique is a mind-body practice that harmonizes how we move, breathe and support ourselves and others. It clarifies and economizes neuro-muscular patterns. 
    Join us

  • to align the personal with the collective in being and becoming

  • to foster freedom in thought and action

  • to live more fully in the present, and

  • to cultivate hope for the future.

Nanette Walsh, founder and director of Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) and co-founder of Alexander Technique New York City (ATNYC). She taught on the Resident Associate Faculty at ACAT, Alexander Technique Workshops in Sweet Briar (VA), and NYC School of Visual Arts. She holds an MFA from The College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University and graduated from ACAT. She undertook extensive post-graduate work with Walter Carrington, Peggy Williams and Pearl Ausebel. She recently completed Peggy Williams: Un-smudged, soon to be published. A long standing practitioner of tai chi, various forms of contemplative meditation, and depth psychology, she is currently doing graduate studies at Union Theological Seminary in Religion and Psychology.

Ariel Carson, associate director of RIAT as well as a faculty member. She received her teaching certification through ATNYC. She has assisted at The Julliard School, and taught at Boston University where she earned her BFA. Ariel previously worked as a teaching artist for the Leadership Program, teaching leadership skills through the arts to under-served students in New York City public schools. She has completed the basic training in Trauma First Aide and is now incorporating Somatic Experiencing into her work, helping people resolve traumas stored in their nervous systems. She is the founder of the Healing for Activists-NYC chapter. Ariel is most interested in helping her clients access greater sustainability, vitality, and freedom in everything they do.

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