Peter Columbus

Devoted Zen practitioner, and resident Alan Watts expert, Dr. Columbus has deftly managed day-to-day operations at Shantigar for the past decade. He also lectures at nearby colleges and universities, while maintaining a regular academic writing practice.

Jean-Claude van Itallie

Shantigar’s founder, Jean-Claude van Itallie, has written over thirty plays. An early LaMama playwright, his off-Broadway hit, America Hurrah, was hailed as the watershed political play of the 60s.As playwright for the Open Theater, he wrote The Serpent.  His widely produced translations of Chekhov(Chekhov, the Major Plays) are considered by many theater folk as the most “actable.”He’s taught theater at Yale, Princeton, Harvard (his alma mater), NYU, Amherst, Univ of Colorado, Middlebury, Columbia, and other schools

Veronique Bryant

A vivacious member of Shantigar, Veronique provides pivotal social media & design services to keep our community connected. She's also a proud mother, and visual artist.

Josh Adler

Whether it’s wolves in war zones or veterans healing with psychedelics, Josh has worked to tell stories that create common ground, while exploring our world's most compelling questions in science, culture, health, and social justice. His producing credits include the landmark series Dirty Money (Netflix), Explorer (Nat Geo), Yukon Men (Discovery) and Brain Games (Nat Geo), plus the forthcoming Murder in Madison (HBO). He has also written features for National Geographic, Vice, Reality Sandwich, and Prime Mind. He has presented at SAND and The Science of Consciousness conferences. Josh joined the Shantigar community after his first workshop there in 2010. Since then he's helped launch new workshops, residencies and a discussion series in NYC, as well as developing Shantigar's online offerings.

Susan Mann

Susan provides vital hospitality at Shantigar by coordinating meals, seeing that participants accommodationss needs are met, and preparing workshop spaces.

M Schreiber - ful length.jpg

Michael Schreiber

Since first visiting Shantigar in 2012, Michael has spent over 8 months in residence, led online meditation challenges with Jean-Claude and other Shantigar teachers, and has conducted multiple 10-day Collegiate Residencies as Residency Director. He has also served on the Advisory Board for over 3 years.

Outside of Shantigar, Michael is a sought after coach and consultant for entrepreneurs, freelancing for multiple companies including Coaches with Clients and Fearless Speaker Academy. As an acting teacher, he has spoken and conducted workshops in NYC, LA, regionally throughout the states, and in China.

Board of  Trustees: Jean-Claude van Itallie, Edith Goldenhar, Deb Katz, Rosemary Quinn, Connie Childs, Rand Engel. 

Board of Advisors: Josh Adler, Rand Engel,

Michael Schreiber, Marisa Viola

We’d be pleased to meet you on your next visit to Shantigar. If there’s anything we can do for you, please give us a call.