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a day of meditation in nature at Shantigar 
 Eishin Ikeda - Roshi

Tentatively Scheduled for

 august 22
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woodpile by Zen master, August 14, 2018

chopped, split, and stacked—all from one tree—by Ikeda-Roshi and Peter Columbus

Meet Charlemont Valley Zendo Zen Master Eishin Ikeda-Roshi.

A day of sitting and walking meditation.

Zazenkai: “to congregate for meditation.” No end goal. Abandon seeking mind. Meditate for its own sake. Don't try to gain or make anything go away.

Join us for some or all of the day. Limit: 20 people.
No charge for Zazenkai. Donations to Valley Zendo and Shantigar gratefully accepted.


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8:30 AM—Beginners, please arrive by for preliminary instruction. 9:00 AM—Meditation starts.

Mid morning—Ikeda-Roshi gives Dharma talk.

12:00 – 1:00 PM—Lunch. Please bring your own.

1:00 – 5:00 PM—Meditation.

Mid-afternoon—Jean-Claude van Itallie (Shantigar's founder) leads meditation walk in the woods.

5:00 PM—Tea and conversation with Ikeda-Roshi.

Eishin Ikeda is resident teacher at Valley Zendo in Charlemont Massachusetts, a couple of miles through the woods from Shantigar. Eishin-Roshi took monastic vows with Kosho Uchiyama-Roshi at Antaiji monastery in 1972, and received Dharma transmission from Koho Watanabe-Roshi in 1975. He co-founded Valley Zendo in 1976, and guided the BeanTown Sangha in Boston from 1990 to 2006.

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