Workshops at Shantigar, open to everyone, are kept small. Attention is on the individual. Teacher and participants provide a benevolent emotional space in which it feels safe to adventure out.

2015 Schedule of Workshops

Writing on Your Feet
A workshop with Jean-Claude van Itallie
Saturday & Sunday, January 10 & 11, 2015—12:00-6:00 PM

The Fountain Theatre, 5060 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Really good writing comes from the gut. Learn a unique physical way of writing. Speaking from your emotional center, a muscular, personal language will emerge spontaneously on to the page. A writing partner will record your words, read them back. Language created this way is visceral, alive. Gently guided by Jean-Claude, encouraged by fellow participants, taking your time, physically moving, you’ll easily enter remembered and imagined places, give voice to your senses, be a conduit.

Come if you’re experienced or inexperienced, writer, a performer, neither, are writing or want to write a play, solo piece, story, novel, dance, or poem—or to deepen your ability to speak from the heart.

To register, contact: Deborah Lawlor: or call: 323-650-9522 or 323-663-3069. Price: $306.00

Writers Retreat with Nandi, Shiva's bull who brings music

Shantigar workshop leaders are artists who delight in teaching and offer inspiration within a disciplined structure. Workshops take place in a big-carpeted white tent with windows on the woods.
To, move, sing, dance, play music, perform personal stories, to meditate, write, paint and draw—is joyous and rejuvenating.
Through its mission—the practice and exciting cross-fertilization of theater, meditation, and healing, and through its pristine natural environment, Shantigar nurtures and inspires individuals to engage more profoundly with the world. Please come visit us.

Peter Columbus, administrator
Jean-Claude van Itallie, founder/artistic director
To register, call (413)339-4332, email us at, or register online.

Our address is: 63 Davenport Road, Rowe, Massachusetts, 01367

workshops at shantigar

The registration fee for each of the workshops is $333. Early registration fee is $306. If you can’t afford the full fee, let us know and we’ll negotiate. When you register, we’ll tell you if cabins or rooms in the farmhouse are available to rent.

Click to view local inns and bed-n-breakfasts. There's free camping at Shantigar (we have many gorgeous tent sites, solar showers and portapotties, but no running water or cooking facilities).

Meals are organic and delicious, served in the Shantigar shed. If you have special dietary needs, please tell us.

You may make a minimum $100 deposit and pay the remainder by two weeks before the scheduled event. Fees will be refunded if you have to cancel more than two weeks before a workshop, less a $30 processing fee. If cancellations are made within two weeks of a scheduled event, you'll receive a credit voucher for another workshop.

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