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with Dianna Smith
July 20
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     Walking Shantigar's mushroomed woods with Dianna Smith is to enter a miniature magic world with an extraordinary guide. Dianna knows mushrooms intimately—their quirks, which are friends and which are not. 

     A three hour workshop identifying mushrooms to take home—in Massachusetts's Pioneer Valley, checking out edibility and toxicity, medical possibilities, habitats, and functional roles.

    Good field identification of fungi entails careful observation and the use of adequately descriptive language. Dianna Smith introduces us to fungal anatomy and ‘Myco-speak’—terms commonly used by taxonomists and field guide authors to describe the various parts of fungal organisms.

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Workshop starts promptly at Noon on Saturday July 20.

If you miss this day, there will be another Mushroom Hunt on Saturday

September 7.

Suggested donation: $27,

or whatever you can afford.

Dianna is currently the editor of the North American Mycological Association's bimonthly publication, THE MYCOPHILE, for which she won the NAMA 2012 President's Award. She was also recipient of the Harry and Elsie Knighton Service Award for the contributions she made as four term president of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (COMA).


She also serves as President of the Northeast Mycological Federation and assists associated mycology clubs from eastern Canada to Washington, DC to organize the annual Sam Ristich Foray on a rotating basis. She is presently also webmaster for the organization.

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