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Young Artists residency

10-Day Residency for Young Artists at Shantigar

The Shantigar Foundation is excited to continue and to expand the collegiate artists residency program as soon as possible. To explore attending, supporting, or bringing a group of students to a residency, please email Program Director Michael Schreiber, and/or join out mailing list.

See below for video, photos, info and testimonials from student residents at Shantigar in 2019.

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The Shantigar Foundation for Creativity, Meditation, and Engagement with Nature invites college students and young artists to apply for our summer Collegiate Artists Residency. 

This 10-day program features daily creative workshops and production guidance with Shantigar Program Director Michael Schreiber, and film professor and guest artist David Stott from City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College. 

Students will also take masterclasses by legendary playwright & Shantigar founder Jean-Claude van Itallie, and have many opportunities to collaborate with other artists on a spectacularly beautiful old farm in the Berkshire Mountains.

Student residents will be encouraged to work both within and outside their primary areas of interest. Film students may be challenged to step on stage and in front of the camera; writers to make visual editing choices; actors to create new stories from scratch. Artists focusing on other disciplines are welcome to apply.


By the conclusion of the residency, students will have a body of work for their portfolios consisting of both individual and collaborative elements. On the final evening, a presentation of video, photography, live performance, and readings will be shared among the residents, staff, and invited artists.

Rave reviews from Recent Residents, 

Instagram, FAQ's and more...

Shantigar has been the single most impactful experience in my artistic life. My growth during the residency was exponential. I cannot thank the foundation enough for the memories we created in our 10 days together. I highly recommend that every artist experience such a place at some point in their careers if they truly want to expand their world view and self understanding of why it is we do the things we do.

- Raphael De La Soria

Photographer, June 2019 Residency

My time at Shantigar was filled with creativity, meditation, breathing, uplifting energy, and love. Being surrounded by other artists empowered me, and allowed me to reach a higher potential in my artistry. Being immersed in nature let me dig deep into my spiritual being and reconnect with myself. Having this opportunity helped me achieve a higher sense of gratitude and love for the world, for others and myself. Shantigar is truly a magical place.

- Amanda Santiago

Actor, June 2019 Residency

I was looking forward to gaining technical experience regarding film making, but I left with so much more than that. I gained knowledge and experience that will definitely contribute to my personal and professional development.


- Sebastian Sepulveda

Filmmaker, January 2019 Residency

Shantigar was a life-changing experience because of the friends I made, the art I got to create inspired by the land, meditation techniques I learned to help manage stress, and the wonderful organic food and beautiful lodging provided to us.

- Aldo Ortiz

Filmmaker, June 2019 Residency

I am grateful to Shantigar for who I am now. This short moment as a resident made me a better person and gave me a family I can rely on. It will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Shantigar and Michael for helping me find peace within myself as both an artist and an individual.


- Kiara Luna

Actor/Director, June 2019 Residency

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To explore images and video from the June 2019 residency shared by student residents on Instagram, search:

@Shantigar profile and mentions, 

#ShantigarResidency   and   #Shantigar2019

Being at Shantigar was an invigorating experience. It was great to be a part of a program where we created art and spent all day in nature. It was an honor to be part of the residency.


- Adam Basco-Mahieddine

Actor, June 2019 Residency


The experience that I had at Shantigar was life changing. The main lesson that I learned was to take care of myself, and slow down...I was also thankful to be surrounded by incredible artists. I felt inspired during my time there.


- Kristina Graham

Filmmaker, January and June 2019 Residencies

My overall experience was extremely positive. I was able to learn and grow as an artist and a person, and I made bonds with my fellow residents that I imagine are going to last for quite some time. I deeply enjoyed the landscape and appreciated the peacefulness of Shantigar.


- Elysia Padilla

Filmmaker, June 2019 Residency


Shanitgar is a peaceful environment. I found it a perfect place to grow as a person and an artist, and to make friends with other interesting and passionate people.


- Elizabeth Scott

Photographer, June 2019 Residency

My experience was amazing. I learned so much about how to breathe properly, taking the time to slow down, and feeling the energy of the environment.

- Julian Mejia

Filmmaker, June 2019 Residency

Being in residence at Shantigar gave me time to self-reflect. I found peace of mind in the early morning hours before the sun started to reflect off the snow cover on the grassy hills of Shantigar, hearing the birds chirp, and over meals with good people who I can call friend. That peace of mind is hard to find when I’m bombarded with the fast pace of the world around me in the city. At Shantigar, I found it. The experience is intangible. It is something that comes from within, and that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

- Matthew Wilson

Filmmaker, January 2019 Residency


Being at Shantigar helped me slow down, breathe more deeply, and enjoy smelling the air. It made me want to work hard on my craft as an actress. I just left and I want to come back.


- Niemina Burns

Actor, June 2019 Residency

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 4.16.56 PM.png

Ten days at Shantigar introduced me to the greatest friends and teachers I've ever had in my entire life. I went up one way and came down different. Ready to be an artistic warrior.


- Nicholas Alexander Goldman

Filmmaker, January 2019 Residency


My experience was all that I was looking for and more.


- Andrew Espinoza

Musical Therapist, June 2019 Residency

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